Music Video of The Week 12/08/2018

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Tonight we are taking a stand & letting everyone in the world know that here at The PGE Network we do not find anything wrong with Frank Loesser's 1944 song Baby It's Cold Outside.

In 1944, Frank Loesser wrote "Baby, It's Cold Outside" for his wife, Lynn Garland, and himself to sing at a housewarming party in New York City at the Navarro Hotel. They sang the song to indicate to guests that it was time to leave. Loesser often introduced himself as the "evil of two Loessers" because of the role he played in the song.
Garland wrote that after the first performance, "We become instant parlor room stars. We got invited to all the best parties for years on the basis of 'Baby.' It was our ticket to caviar and truffles. Parties were built around our being the closing act." [Wikipedia]

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