Music Video of The Week 10/20/18

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Music Video of The Week 10/20/18 was created by admin
In keeping with tonight's Halloween theme I thought it'd be appropriate to also tie this week's Music Video of The Week.

Tonight I present to you Fleetwood Mac's Sisters Of The Moon

"Sisters of the Moon" is a song by British-American rock group Fleetwood Mac. It was written and performed by band-member Stevie Nicks and was released in the US as the fourth single from the 1979 album Tusk. It peaked at No. 86 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was not released in the UK, where "Not That Funny" had been released as a single instead. The rare 'single version' of "Sisters of the Moon" is included on the compilation The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac and both the 2004 and 2015 remaster of 'Tusk'. When performed live, the song would usually go for over 8 minutes in length, most notably the Mirage Tour version in 1982. The song did not appear on any subsequent tour until their 2013 Tour. [Wikipedia]

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