Movie Review: John Carpenter's Escape From L.A.

7 years 3 months ago #84 by YueLong1
This week's movie review is John Carpenter's Escape From L.A.
An earthquake of 9.6 magnitude hit L.A. on August 6, 2000 causing it to become an island. L.A. became an island when the San Fernando Valley flooded. A new U.S. president was elected into office, and a new amendment to the constitution appoints whoever is elected into office president for life. The president set about creating new "moral laws" where tobacco, alcohol, guns, red meat, sex outside of marriage , atheism and non christian religious beliefs are illegal. Those who do not conform to those new laws will automatically lose their citizenship and be deported Los Angeles Island. L.A. Island is declared to no longer be part of the United States. A containment wall is build around the island, with watch towers and armed guards standing watch.
Now in 2013 Cuervo Jones( a terrorist and member the Shining Path terrorist group from Peru) seduces the presidents daughter, Utopia, via a virtual reality computer system and convinces her to bring the presidents remote control to the Sword of damocles weapon system. A series of satellites circling the earth capable of projecting controlled electromagnetic pulses at the earth's surface disabling/destroying any electronic device. The president wants to use the sword of damocles to disable all of americas enemies ability to function. Utopia high jacks one of the presidents planes and uses its escape pod to land in L.A. to bring the remote control to Cuervo Jones.
Snake Plisken is captured for more crimes and is scheduled to be deported to L.A. island. When he arrives for deportation, Snake is brought to see the president & is offered the mission of retrieving the remote control and if he see's Utopia, to shoot her for treason. Snake is convinced to go to L.A. and is given various items for his mission. He takes a one man sub to the shores of L.A. and when he arrives he looses it. Snake meets 'maps to the stars' Eddie who makes a living selling tours of L.A.
Snake proceeds to have fun in L.A. meeting the man in charge, meeting the Surgeon general, taking in some time to go surfing with a local surfer and even taking in a game of basket ball while he visits. Eventually snakes meets up with Cuervo Jones at the "The Happy kingdom by the sea" while he lands from his sightseeing tour of L.A. with some friends. He takes the remote control from Cuervo Jones and hijacks Cuervo Jones flight out of L.A. and proceeds to take his friends(along with Utopia) for a ride to the mainland. Snake 'lands' on the mainland with Utopia, but his friends bailed on him midflight.
Utopia is taken to the electric chair for execution by order of the president. Snakes fools the president by him having the real remote control & him slipping the president a fake one(Via Utopia). He actives the world code and all electronic devices on earth are destroyed.

Over all i enjoyed the movie alot. I give this film a rating of 3 out of 5 stars overall!

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