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This is one of my favorite films. Imagine Me & You stars one of my all time favorite actresses Piper Perabo as Rachel who marries Matthew Goode as Heck. In addition to these great stars or should I say co-stars to Lena Headey as Luce & Darren Boyd as Cooper. All four of these great actors and actresses have great on screen chemistry together.

This film starts off with Rachel getting ready for her wedding and then slowly introduces the audience to our other co-star Luce who is dealing with an uphappy customer before returning to Rachel and her family as she finishes getting ready to head off to her wedding. We are returned back to Luce's flower shop as she finishes loading her car to head off to the wedding. Luce arrives at the wedding and introduces herself to Heck and Cooper as the florist.

Rachel, her father, and one of her bridesmaids, Beth, are on their way to the wedding suffering from an awkward moment when Rachel's father starts talking about when he wanted to stop the car on the way to his wedding to Rachel's moment. (I found this moment quite funny) The movie creates a funny moment when Rachel yells to the driver to stop the car and then runs into a Mc Donald's because she forgot to pee.

While Rachel is walking down the aisle she locks eyes with Luce when Luce stopped for just a moment on her way out of the church to help set up for the reception.

When Rachel and Luce meet at the reception it appears that Rachel is not interested in speaking with Luce. When Luce mentions that she is the florist it breaks Rachel's harsh tone. Luce makes her intentions know that she wanted to grab some punch which causes Rachel to perform an awakward smile and laugh. Luce realizing that something's wrong offers to help which leads Rachel to explain that she dropped her wedding ring into the punch.

Sortly after the wedding Rachel goes to Luce's shop and invites her to dinner. Un-beknown to both Luce and Heck Rachel's got a "plan" to try and get Luce and Coop together.

Without getting into to much detail we spend a little of time with Rachel and Heck at an auction, Luce and her mum, and Heck with his boss at work.

While Rachel's in the kitchen putting Luce's flowers into some water Heck talks about what he wanted to do, & Luce tells Heck that she's a lesbian when she starts asking her about "life".

During dinner Cooper puts himself the center of attention and then Luce and Rachel have an argumentative moment. After dinner Rachel apologizes to Luce and they have a brief moment together.

Coop takes Luce to a restaurant before taking her home.

The movie takes a very funny moment when Heck and Rachel are out doing their shopping and run into Luce & Edie (Eva Birthistle). Heck tells Rachel that Luce is gay before asking Edie if she was gay and if her and Luce were together. When Rachel finds out that Luce is gay she has a complete emotional change which is quite noticeable via her facial expression.

Coop arranges a flower delivery to himself at a restaurant to try and convince Luce to shag him.

Rachel, her mom, and Luce meet at H's school for a her presentation. It is during H's presentation that Rachel starts realizing that she's having uncontrollable feelings toward Luce. When she starts trying to talk to Luce; Luce tells Rachel that she forgot that she's got a delivery and takes off.

As this is my third movie review you guys have probably figured out that walk through each of movie I choose before giving my personal opinion on the movie. I'm going to take a slight turn if you will with this movie review and stop the "walk through" here. The reason is because I really don't want to ruin what happens next.

The first movie I saw starring Piper Perabo was Coyote Ugly or was it Rocky & Bullwinkle? Anyway, after seeing Coyote Ugly I instantly fell in love with that movie and thought that Piper's character was absolutely adorable. When I found this movie and realized that Piper was in this movie my interest jumped so high I think I hit cloud 9. This movie cemented my interest & love with Piper Perabo and she has made it into my top 3 favorite actresses.

Being a lesbian not only do I find Piper very attractive, but I am quite proud of her movies in which she portrays lesbian characters.

This movie truly has an allstar cast with three of it's top 4 co-stars being well known in both the tv and movie world.

Piper Perabo has played in Rocky & Bullwinkle, Coyote Ugly, Cheaper By The Dozen. Matthew Goode has played in Chasing Liberty, Watchmen, and Leap Year.
Lena Headey has played in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 300, The Brothers Grimm, and loads of others. Let's not forget about Rachel's dad, Anthony Head, who made it famous in the tv world by playing Rupert Giles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer series.

I highly recommend you grab your girlfriend, a bowl of popcorn, & two glasses of wine. Make this movie a reason to spend a night in each others' laps.
I give this film a rating of 4 & 1/2 out of 5 stars overall!

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