Movie Review: Earth Girls Are Easy

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This week's movie review is Earth Girls Are Easy.

Valerie Gail(Geena Davis), a manicurist who lives in the San Fernando Valley in California; Mac(Jeff Goldblum), the main alien; Wiploc(Jim Carrey), the second alien and Zeebo(Damon Wayans), the third alien. Also there is Candy Pink(Julie Brown, her first role in a movie), Valerie's best friend and coworker; Woody(Michael McKean), an older surf bum who is Valerie's pool boy. Finally there is Ted(Charles Rocket), Valerie's cheating soon to be husband.

The movies starts when the three aliens(Mac, Wiploc, Zeebo)are flying in their space ship through space when they come across earth. They crash land in Valerie's swimming pool as she is tanning near the pool. Not knowing what to do she takes the three aliens to the Curl Up & Dye hair salon, where she works and asks her best friend, Candy Pink(who also works there) for help. They shave off all three aliens fur and the two women find out that the aliens appear to be very attractive men. They all go out to party at a night club in Los Angeles. Hilarity ensues as a fight breaks out and general weirdness happens. They end up at a hospital, a doctor thinks Valerie has two hearts as she rescues Mac from a timely examination when he was knocked out. They all make it back to Valerie's place when Valerie and Mac realize that they are much better off together, and escape into space once the ship has been fixed.

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