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This weeks movie review is The Goonies

The Goonies are a group of friends who live in a sea side neighborhood. Their families homes are facing foreclosure from the Astoria Country Club who want to further expand into their neighborhood. On one of the remaining days before their homes are foreclosed upon, the Goonies are up in Walshes attic, one of them is going through the stuff up there & they come upon a map rumored to lead to the treasure of One Eyed Willy, a spanish doubloon and a old newspaper clipping. Mikey tries to get all his friends to go upon one last Goonie adventure. Eventually they all agree to it to avoid Mikey's older brother.

Following the maps route & using the Spanish doubloon as a marker from the map , they stumble upon an old restaurant that hasn't been used in years. They eventually enter the restaurant & discover the entrance to the cave in the water drain in the basement in the fireplace. They realize that the old restaurant is being used as a hideout by the Fratelli's family, 3 individuals who are fugitives from the law(Sloth is not wanted by the law). Everyone quickly enters the cave while they send Chunk to get help. Everyone else proceeds to follow where the cave leads. The Fratelli's capture Chunk and proceed to interrogate him. They get a blender & throw tomatoes into it & slowly force his hand into the blender until he caves in & tells them everything he knows, but not the actual knowledge they want. Then bats burst forth from the cave entrance in the basement. Next Chunk is placed in the same room as Sloth( the non criminal Fratelli who is deformed) & tied to a chair. The rest of the Fratelli's enter the cave beneath the restaurant to see where it goes, while Chunk and Sloth come to an understanding with a candy bar, then finally make friends.

Alone the way Mikey discovers that the map matches up with the cave and convinces the rest of the Goonies to continue on. Along the way they come upon a waterfall in a small cavern and discover that there are hundreds upon hundreds on coins. Above them is the old wishing well of the sea side town. They soon discover that One Eyed Willy set many deadly traps in the cave & they over come each one until eventually they arrive at a large underground cavern via a natural 'water slide' like stream. Once they land in the lagoon, they see One Eyed Willy's pirate ship. They climb onto Willy's ship & enter the captains quarters, seeing his treasure everywhere. They proceed to fill their pockets & other things with as much treasure as possible. As soon as they try to exit the Fratelli family catch them. They are made to empty all their pockets of treasure while they take it all & the Goonies are made to walk the plank. Soon they are saved in a timely manor by Chunk and Sloth from the Fratellis & chunk and sloth help the rest of the group ashore. The Fratellis take as much treasure as they can carry, triping Willy's last booby trap on his ship. His ships drop sail, the anchor is raised & the cavern begins to collapse upon itself.

The Goonies flee through a small opening in the cavern onto the beach. Two policemen passing by spot them and call in for backup. They all are reunited with their parents while the Fratelli's exit the cavern later and quickly arrested by the policemen. The policemen are about to approach Sloth to arrest him & all of the Goonies come to his defense. Chunk offers to take Sloth to his home. The Walshes maid discovers Mikey's marble bad contains a handful of precious jewels taken from Willy's pirate ship. Mikey's father estimates the value of the jewels and determines that the value of them is more than enough to save all of their homes from the Astoria Country Club. All of them celebrate and then spot Willy's ship sailing away to the open sea.

Overall even though the movie was made in 1985 and I have seen it many times over the years, i still greatly enjoy it every time i see it. It shows a group of friends bonding one last time and in the end discover that the adventure they just had, does not have to be their last adventure afterall.

I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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