Movie Review: The Devil Wears Prada

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This week's movie review is The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada stars Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly and Anne Hathaway as Andrea Sachs with Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci co-starring.

Andrea a recent Northwestern university graduate comes to New York to be a journalist, but has no luck until a temp agency gives her an opportunity to become Miranda's co-assistant at Runway (a fashion magazine).

Andrea's inexeprience and lack of knowledge of Runway greatly comes through as the focal point of the movie when she arrives for her interview in a pair of slacks & sweater. Andrea realizing that she has no chance of getting this job decides to use her words to make an impression on Maranda to at the very least consider her which worked in her favor.

Even after Andrea gets the job it is clear that she does not care about the job. When she finds out that if she stays with Miranda for a year she can pretty much work anywhere with Miranda's connections she says, "She's not going to let her break me", but it's clear that she's just doing enough to keep her job.

After Andrea fails to get Miranda out of Florida and back home due to severe weather caused by a tropical storm Miranda makes Andrea feel worthless. It appears that Miranda has finally broken Andrea when she walks out of the office crying much to Emily's dismay.

When Andrea sees Nigal (Stanley Tucci) in his office she enters letting her frustration out, but Nigal isn't having any of it. Nigal lays into Andrea claming that she's not really doing her job and questions her as to why she's even here. He then goes on to explain to her why Runway exists, and it's purpose. It is after this that Andrea gets an idea, with a reluctant Nigal in toe, that she needs to change.

With a new look comes a new energy & attitude as we see Andrea doing her job the way she should have been doing her job from the very beginning. Unfortunately as her job responsiblities grow due to the work she is doing her personal life begins to suffer. Andrea's boyfriend and friends begin to question her about her beliefs and loyalty.

When Emily becomes sick and fails to deliver Miranda the name of a guest Andrea steps into the save the evening, we see the relationship between Miranda and Andrea begin to change.

While delivering the book to Miranda Andrea is informed that she will be replacing Emily. Andrea is not only reluctant to accept Miranda's assignment, but visably upset. Andrea is also informed that if she should not accept this assignment that Miranda will believe that she is not serious about her career at Runway or any other publication. Andrea knows that she needs Miranda's connection to get her a job in journalism and has no choice but to do as Miranda has requested.

At one of Andrea's friend's gallery opening Andrea's is caught talking to Christian Thompson (Simon Baker) after which he kisses her cheek before walking away. She is then berated by her friend and on her way out Andrea runs into her boyfriend. The also have words, especially about her going to Paris, and they break up.

We can see that Andrea is really enjoying her time with Miranda in Paris as this truly is a lifetime experience for her. Christian Tompson is there and they enjoy a good dinner together that ends up with them spending the night together. When Andrea finds out that the Editor-In-Chief of Runway Paris is going to replace Miranda she does everything she can to let Miranda know.

In the end we find out that Miranda already knew what was happening and was putting a stop to it. Miranda then proceeds to tell her that she says herself in her and that we have what people want. Andrea doesn't like this and instead of heading into the show with Miranda she gets out of the car and walks away from Miranda & her job.

Andrea is back in New York meeting with her ex boyfriend apologizing and congratulating him on his promotion. She lets him know that she still has feelings for him and that she has a job interview with a newspaper. At the interview Andrea's future boss informs her that Miranda faxed him and said that she was her biggest disappointment, but he'd be an idiot not to hire her.

Andrea calls Emily and gives Emily her outfits she received from Paris. Then she sees Miranda get into her car, smiles and waves. Miranda stares for a moment then get into the car. After she's in she smiles, before going back to her "ice" look and telling the driver to "Go".

This movie is on my top 10 favorites list and not just because Anne Hathaway is in it. This movie is a learning experience. It is about doing the best job you can regardless of how you feel about your job.

I really don't like the way Andrea's friends & especially her boyfriend treats her after she starts preforming well at her job. Andrea learned a lot at Runaway and it's not all that it's cracked up to be. Her friends have no idea what goes on at her job, and what's worse is that they do not care. Andrea being the sweet person that she is decides not to argue and fight with them.

This movie also shows us what life is like behind the scenes in the fashion world and what it takes to run a highly successful magazine.

I give this film a rating of 4 & 1/2 out of 5 stars overall!

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