Movie Review: How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days

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This movie stars Kate Hudson as Andie Anderson and Matthew McConaughey as Benjamin Barry both living in New York. Andie works for a magazine company called Composure and Benjamin, mostly known as Ben throughout the movie, works for an advertising agency trying to secure a diamon campaign.

Andie's best friend Michelle was dumped after a week and a half of dating the "love of her life" and when their boss finds out she wants to do an expose on Michelle & her love life. In order to help Michelle Andie pitches an idea to their boss where she'll do all of the typical mistakes a woman makes like Michelle and then write an article about it. Their boss, Bebe Neuwirth as Lana Jang, likes the idea and titles it: How To Loose A Guy in 10 Days.

Ben scorned by his co-workers in a different department by taking & pitching his idea to their boss; joins their meeting where he admits that he not only understands women, but can make any woman fall in love with him. His two co-workers, Michael Michele as Judy Spears & Shalom Harlow as Judy Green, talk Ben into making a bet with them that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days, and not just any woman but a woman of their choosing. Ben unwillingly agrees to the bet after he sees the woman of their choosing.

Unfortunately Andie and Ben are unknowingly working "against each other" as she is trying to chase him away and he's willing to do anything it takes to keep her. Needless to say that neither's plan is working regardless of what each other think until Ben takes Andie to Staton Island to meet his parents & family. There Andie has a "change of heart" and falls in love with Ben asking her boss to let her out of this article.

When Spears, & Green realize that their goal of controling of the diamond account is about to be ruined they throw a wrench not only in Ben's plan, but also in both Andie and Ben's love life. Things are made worse by Ben's best buddies and co-workers when they are told that Andie knew about the bet with Ben and proceed to tell Andie about the bet she knew nothing of. After Andie and Ben find out about each other's motives they proceed to make fools of themselves at the glamourous event they were attending only to break up outside.

Andie indeed wrote the article that her boss assigned her, but to everyone's surprise it was not the typical "How to..." article she had been writing.

Ben was made to read the article by his friend, Tony, in which he realized that even though Andie's original motive was to find a guy and then chase him away something happened in which she fell head over heels in love with him. After reading the article Ben dashes over to Composure to confront Andie in which he was told she'd quit and was headed to Washington.

Ben finds Andie on her way to Washington and after a heartfelt talk he pays her cab driver to take her stuff back to her apartment, while he takes her back on his motocycle.

This movie originally caught my eye because I really enjoyed Matthew's work. So needless to say I needed to see if this movie was as good as his previous work. While I did not find anything uniquly characteristic of Matthew's character Ben, he appeared to be more talk than anything anything else.

Ben makes the classic male inexperience mistakes throughout the movie like when he asks about the Game score in the restaurant.

Unfortunately Andie & Ben do not have the typical chemistry between each other you'd like to see in a romantic comedy like this one. In the end when they become intimate in the bathroom and after he drops her off at her apartment he can see the chemistry begin to blossom which is something I wish could have seen a little more of throughout the movie. I mean Andie was supposed to be in "love" with Ben which was why she was behaving in such a way. Even though it was an act I do believe a little bit more effort should have been put forth.

As I'm pretty particular with my films I do not purchase every film I like. I only purchase the films I truly enjoy and know I'm going to watch more than once. I do own this film (mostly because it cost me next to nothing) and I do occasionally watch it from time to time especially when I want to watch a "Matthew McConaughey double feature".

If your looking for a really light hearted romantic comedy (or in this film's case more comedy than anything) this is a really good watch with someone.

I give this film a rating of 3 & 1/2 out of 5 stars overall!

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