Movie Review: Porkys II The Next Day

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Movie Review: Porkys II The Next Day was created by YueLong1
Porkys II: The Next Day was released june 24, 1983.
Overall I found the movie very entertaining. The comedy in Porkys 2 easily matches the comedic scenes in Porkys 1.
There is less nudity in this movie than in Porkys 1, but the nudity was presented in a more entertaining manner. I found the gross out factor in Porkys 2 much funnier than in the first movie.
I thought that Porkys 2 would have had as good as a domestic gross as Porkys 1 had, but it didnt even made of the money as the first movie did.
I have seen Porkys 2 many times now and every time I watch it again, I still enjoy the movie. It was never funny as the first time I remember seeing it as a kid, but I still laugh everytime i see it.
If anyone likes old movie comedies, then i think you may enjoy Porkys II: The Next Day.

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